Myra Bloomfield


A little about me

Myra is an award winning Property Manager, who has been looking after investors and tenants for over 30 years. During her career, Myra has received recognition and accreditation by the Real Estate Institute of NSW. In 1998 she was a finalist in the Award for Excellence in Property Management and in 2014 won the prestigious award. This award was given to Myra by industry leaders and peers for recognition of superior service, outstanding achievements and contribution to the industry.

Myra oversees every facet of the business and ensures that you are receiving the very best service. She places a high importance on her team receiving the best possible training and has developed a reputation for providing fact based investment market advice to investors.

Myra leads and trains a highly skilled, enthusiastic and passionate team of Property Managers who bring many years of industry experience together to manage a large portfolio of properties.