Skill And Experience - Nothing Else Matters

We often get asked “What is the major difference between you and other agents?” Our answer is always the same. Skill and Experience! Getting landlord’s the best possible tenant, at the highest possible price is our focus. Achieving this objective requires great skill and experience.

Skill – Very few are born with it. To acquire it, can generally take years of study, failures and disappointments. It’s only those who master discipline, develop good habits, continue to study and learn valuable lessons from their mistakes who will become great. Most investors do not realise that on any given day, a property manager can be called on to engage their skills as a relationship counsellor, financial advisor, negotiator, mediator, accountant, debt collector, a computer technician, a tradie – the list is endless.

At BDM Leasing great importance is placed on staff training and continued learning. We recognise and reward those who spend time developing skill. Everyone appreciates those who do a job well and those who are good at what they do have earned the right to charge accordingly.  Price only ever becomes an issue in the absence of value.

Ever stopped to wonder why, whenever you’ve had a great haircut, or a delicious meal, your car serviced or a room painted, and found you couldn’t stop smiling? It’s probably because the people you engaged and trusted to do a job for you, proved that they were very skilled at what they did.

It’s interesting to note that most landlords will spend more time selecting a movie to watch that investing time in selecting a property management team to look after their hard-earned investment. They spend endless amount of time searching for the right investment property and then spend less than a few minutes in selecting an agent to manage it for the long term.

Experience – There’s not much else apart from skill that counts when it comes to Property Management. It doesn’t matter if one works in the building, medical, political or any other field, difficult situations and problems will always arise. It’s how well problems are solved and dealt with that will be remembered. Experience makes all the difference. Experience can make a problem disappear or lack of it can start a war. Anyone can be at the helm when the sea is calm. You could have your teenage son or daughter manage your investment property, but this will only work if you have a great property and an even greater, reliable and trustworthy tenant. It’s only when a problem (rental arrears, domestic violence, mental health issues, relationship breakdowns etc) presents itself, will you see and understand the true worth and value of a very experienced property management team in action.

Always look for skill and experience – nothing else matters!

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Skill And Experience - Nothing Else Matters