Routine Inspections – Don't Have Unrealistic Expectations

Routine inspections are a vital part of our management service to landlords. They allow us to ensure that the property is being cared for by the tenants and is presented in a well-maintained condition, free from the potential risk of injury to tenants or their visitors.

Property management is a complex process involving many facets to the role (debt recovery, legal representation, counselling, mediation, accounting, administrative paperwork and financial management, just to name a few).

As a landlord, it is important to be mindful that our team are ‘property managers’, NOT professional and licensed ‘property inspectors’. We find that many owners’ expectations in regards to routine inspections are becoming unrealistic. They wonder why we didn’t pick up on the termite problem, or the cracked tiles on the roof, or the carpet moth problem in the 30 year old carpet. The list goes on.

We are also not professional photographers. We will not take up to 40-60 photographs of your property. We will however take photos of repairs that need attending to, photos of well presented gardens and lawns, front yards, backyards and anything that we feel may be a safety issue that you need to address. Tenants have a right to privacy.  We try not to invade it when we do routine inspections.

Remember, when our team are conducting routine inspections we are only assessing the ‘visual’ aspects of the property in regards to maintenance, repairs, renovations, improvements and obvious safety hazards.

It is the landlord’s responsibility to ensure that annual inspections are undertaken at the property to mitigate potential risk in regards to electrical/safety switches, pool safety compliance, glass compliance, blind safety cord compliance, building code and safety compliance, pest control for white ants, asbestos identification and WHS reports, and any risk areas that are not obvious to the ordinary person.

It is important that you undertake these ‘professional’ inspection checks to protect and secure your investment property. Please feel welcome to contact us to discuss organising these inspections, which are tax deductible.

We also recommend that you conduct at least one inspection of your property every year with us – two, would be even better.  We can do all the reporting you want, but it is useless if our recommendations are ignored or forgotten about.

As we always maintain, ‘working together always gets the best results’.

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Routine Inspections – Don't Have Unrealistic Expectations